LuckyoneUI - The ElvUI Edit

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Minimalistic plugin and layout installer for ElvUI

Always up-to-date for the latest ElvUI changes

Custom presets for DPS, Tanks, Healers and Augmentation

Discord server for UI topics, support and social chats

Layouts are specifically built for high Mythic+ and Raiding

One of the most optimized UIs out there for the best possible performance


All layouts are built on 1440p with full support and scaling for 1080p players

Full support for all current WoW versions such as Retail, Cataclysm and Classic

ElvUI tags for detailed health information, healer-only mana and more

Option to automatically fill out the delete text when destroying items

Options to configure performance related and hidden Blizzard settings

Options to disable annoying Blizzard features like Boss Banners and more

Toggles for Blizzards cosmetic on-screen ffx effects and other visuals

WeakAuras import strings for some of the classes I decide to play

WeakAuras import strings for general utility and other features

WeakAuras import strings for Dungeon & Raid pack edits to fit my layout style



BossMods: BigWigs, LittleWigs

NamePlates: Plater, ElvUI NamePlates

AddOns: Details, OmniCD, WarpDeplete

Plugins: AddOnSkins, ProjectAzilroka, Shadow&Light, WindTools

Chat commands

/lucky install - Re-Run the installer process

/lucky config - Opens the ingame options

/luckydebug on - Disables all AddOns except ElvUI and LuckyoneUI for troubleshooting

/luckydebug off - Re-Enables all AddOns disabled by the command above

/vault or /weekly - Open your great vault to check weekly progress

Required AddOns

LuckyoneUI will always require the most recent version of ElvUI.

Get ElvUI on the official website

Luckyone WeakAuras

All my public import strings will be shared and updated on Wago.

Luckyone on Wago

Luckyone on Twitch and YouTube

Raiding and Mythic+ content. Evoker and Druid PoV most of the time.

Luckyone1996 on Twitch

LuckyoneWoW on YouTube

Setup guide

Installation guide for new users without ElvUI experience is available on Wowhead.

View guide on Wowhead